Monday, September 12, 2011

What Happens When You Let Bean Counters Make Decisions that Affect What We See. 

I was at a home in Alexandria recently. A really nice home. It was evening -- dark outside. But something in this otherwise nice home was off. Not right. It was the light. CFC bulbs were casting their erie glow, and making everything in the house look sickly and ugly. 

I care about the environment. A lot. And change, especially when it benefits the environment is good. But the decision to ban incandescent light bulbs next year for "better" CFC bulbs is horrible. Forget about the fact that they all contain mercury -- making them hazardous waste to dispose of. For some people (maybe most), it won't matter. But others  may wake up depressed in 2012 not knowing why. It may just be because they've unwittingly been forced to light their world with ugliness. 

Cheaper is not always better. 

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