Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trying Too Hard to be Cool

One of the things I don't like to do is to comment on other people's creative work. Unless I am asked. But today, Chelsea Clinton asked me for some input.

Chelsea's email began: "We need your help to make a critical decision -- our next official campaign t-shirt." The message included a link to vote on my favorite design. Apparently this is the result of a contest where the Hillary campaign asked for the public's input for a new design that will presumably help them turn it around.

According to Chelsea, "It wasn't easy to narrow it down, but we've chosen five we think are particularly great." They've narrowed it to five designs, all with little connection with anything we've seen in the campaign. The ideas they have put forth present no consistency in image or message.
Looking at the designs I can't help but think it's in response to the recent press that Obama's poster has gotten. One of them looks looks like a lame attempt at mimicking Shepard Fairey's Obama poster by giving Hillary's face a pop art treatment. It's badly done art and worse, has no cohesive message.

The Clinton campaign hires top level consultants to shape every aspect of its image. I wonder why they didn't do the same here. Imagine putting to a vote what Hillary's next strategy should be in the primaries. No doubt a contest seemed like a good idea -- they probably wanted it to appear as a home grown effort. But with all of Hillary's supporters among the creative community they could have done better with professional help. A lot better. The Hillary people should know this better than anyone.

Unfortunately for Hillary, it's too little too late. And it doesn't matter what I think.

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