Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Marketing Buzz:
5 Branding Tips from the Cicadas
Experts tell us that they expect billions of cicadas to emerge soon, following 17 years underground. The cicadas demonstrate the impression that comes from consistency and delivering on a promise. When it comes to branding, we could learn a thing or two from them:

1. They sing a familiar song 

There's no mistaking that buzz. Even if you haven't you heard it in 17 years, it's etched in your brain like the theme music for "Seinfeld". Singing the same song is the best way to drive a message home.

2. Memorable colors 

Those beady red eyes might be a little scary, but every one of those little guys has 'em. And that's part of how we identify them. In the same way, your corporate colors are a key branding element for your organization.

3. Exoskeletons are unmistakeable 

The cicadas may just have the most recognizable shape since the golden arches. and they're everywhere you look! A unique look may seem like a brand no-brainer, but it also has to be the right look.

4. They're consistent 

We know what to expect from the cicadas, and they deliver. Your customers and members should know what to expect from you, and know it when they see it. Every time.

5. There are soooooo many of them

Of course, one good way to be remembered is to be visible. You don't need to have "millions of impressions per acre". You just need to make the right impression, in the right place.

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