Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Does Your Organization Have 
10k T-shirt Syndrome?

Ever notice how race T-shirts are always covered on the back with sponsor logos?  And how none stand out? This is what happens with a lot of organizations including associations and nonprofits struggling with multiple programs and initiatives, all in competition for eyeballs.  

The solution is often a "carousel" of rotating messages on the homepage, a collage of images on the report cover, or advertisements with multiple logos branding the organization as, a lot of things. And in the end, nothing.

For many reasons -- largely political, this situation is almost impossible to avoid, especially for large organizations. But it can be minimized through planning that includes hierarchy of messages and good design.

Branding isn't a 10k race. It's a race for message clarity. The only organization sponsoring your organization should be... your organization. 

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