Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You're Going to Wear THAT?

Who hasn't heard something similar from someone they know well at some point? That's how I was introduced to the term "Canadian tuxedo." (if you don't know what a Canadian tuxedo is, I'll save you the Google, Oxford Dictionary search by saying it's a denim jacket worn with jeans).

We just launched a new brand identity that includes a name change that more accurately describes who we are. It's been a long time coming.

Why is it so hard to do for yourself what you do every day for others with such ease?

And why has it taken so long?

Because we haven't gotten around to it? Because we're difficult customers? Partly true. But it really comes down to perspective. It's just hard to stand back and look at yourself objectively. Doing it for my company made me realize how challenging it can be from the other side.

People change. Companies evolve. Every so often it takes a look in the mirror to see how we're doing. It also helps to have a trusted third party give you their candid thoughts. You  might get there faster if someone says, "wear this, not that."

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