Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pictures Trump Words

When you get an email or Facebook post about a cool video, article or website, what do you do?

A.) Read the whole message and then decide whether to click through.
B.) Read the subject line and then click on through
C.) Just click the link.

In an imprecise survey, my conclusion is that most people go with "C" and just click on the link. And they are more likely to do so if it has a picture. 

It's no secret that people don't want to read things, especially when there's a good chance that they are seeing them on a three-inch smartphone screen. We want the quick hit, the photo we can forward, or better, the video we can link to before everyone else does. And this almost always involves an image -- the more compelling, the better. None of this is a revelation, but it bodes well for designers, photographers, videographers and other visual thinkers. 

The key to success in social media? My money is on pictures...the new currency. But for me, it's always been that way.

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