Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Five-Step Brand Assessment You Can Do Right Now

For any organization, it's easy to to miss the forest for the trees in the day-to-day execution of messages. Here's one way to start putting your own brand into focus.

1. Take stock: Lay everything on the table -- from your website and social media presence to press releases, print collateral, mail and anything else you publish.

2. Make two lists: In list "A" include everything that looks and sounds like you, and that you think resonates with those you serve. Put everything else in list "B".

3. Discard list B.

4. Write a description of the message that list A sends. Describe the tone, voice, color, appropriateness and any other attributes you feel are important. Be honest.

5. Have someone else read it. If the description is generic, inconsistent, or not where you think it should be, then it's time for a closer look and a brand overhaul.

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