Wednesday, January 8, 2014

5 Myths About Branding and Cold Weather

This week's polar vortex is yet another reminder of all the misinformation out there about cold weather and branding. We've decided to warm things up and address some of the common myths.

Myth #1: I need a summer and a winter brand. 
A solid brand doesn't change like the weather. You can create seasonal marketing campaigns, but your message must be consistent for it to resonate with the people you want to reach.

Myth #2: My new website will sell ice to Eskimos. 
It's important to be realistic. While it would be great to sell ice to Eskimos, the idea is just plain silly. Eskimos would never buy ice online as the shipping costs would be prohibitive. Know your market.

Myth #3: An ice sculpture of my logo will put me on the map.  
Your logo alone won't give people the warm fuzzies. An iced logo might be a good idea in the right context — surrounded by lots of food, good music, and a well-stocked bar (in which case, you should engage us to consult at the event).

Myth #4: My brand will be left out in the cold if we're not on social media. 
Tweeting and posting without a plan can put a chill on a brand. When you make the jump into social media, stick to your message and remember to be relevant, informative, and thoughtful.

Myth #5: My tongue will freeze if I lick envelopes. 
If you're actually sending things in envelopes, you're probably doing something your competition isn't. Just have your mail shop seal your letters (and personalize them). If you feel like licking them, have at it. Just be careful if you do it outdoors.

The reality is, when it's really really cold, chances are no one is thinking about your brand. Unless you're Swiss Miss. 

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